JPA Released Me From My Bond — Dr JJ

JPA released Dr JJ, a contract medical officer working at a public hospital in Selangor, from his bond today on March 3 after he wrote to CodeBlue two days ago, asking to be released from his bond. “I feel more hopeful today than I have been in months.”

Dear CodeBlue,

I have good news to share.

The JPA (Public Service Department) released me from my bond. I just got my email today.

I hope others who are waiting like I am will find release soon.

I feel more hopeful today than I have been in months.

I thank the government for having raised me, and I thank them today for allowing me to leave. God bless our government and nation. 

Dr JJ is a contract medical officer, who started his housemanship in May 2017, wrote to CodeBlue two days ago on March 1 to ask JPA to release him from his bond. Dr JJ wanted to quit because of depression and anxiety, and also to help care for his incapacitated father (a post-stroke patient). CodeBlue is providing him anonymity because civil servants are prohibited from writing to the press.

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