STAR Project Cuts Non-Critical Emergency Cases At HTAR By 32%

2 June, 2023
Green Zone (non-critical) emergency cases at HTAR Klang consistently dropped from Feb-April this year, alongside a consistent rise in Yellow Zone (semi-critical) cases; Red Zone (critical) outpatient arrivals fluctuated. The STAR project began March 25.

NHMS Survey: One-Third Of Malaysian Teens Are Overweight Or Obese

1 June, 2023
The NHMS 2022 finds 1 in 3 Malaysian teens aged 13-17 is overweight/ obese, 4 in 5 are physically inactive, 2 in 3 lead sedentary lifestyles, 1 in 3 drink soft drinks daily, 1 in 10 eat fast food at least 3 days/ week, 4 in 5 don't eat enough fruits & veg.