An Observation Of New Norms In Malaysia During The Holidays — Dr Arvinder Singh HS

If we are to open up Malaysia safely in the new norm, we need everyone to pull their weight.

Having decided to go for a short two-day break over the holidays, I am happy to see that Malaysians have braved the Covid outbreak and are resuming to normal life. What is sad is that the resumption to life is without the New Normal. Some potential pitfalls:

  • Visitors not adhering to masking and scanning MySejahtera.
  • Visitors not bothered about hand hygiene.
  • Shop owners and businesses not checking vaccination status.
  • Adherence to SOPs in shops for physical distancing is poor. Many are just applying rules on paper but not following.
  • Hotel accommodations are lacking the following:
    I. Not sanitising the place of stay.
    II. Workers who clean rooms are not wearing masks. Until someone tells them to wear a mask, they move around freely.
    III. No hand hygiene material for guests to use.
  • Eateries are not compliant to hand hygiene. Usage of gloves is a false backing everyone has. Regular hand washing and the provision of hand sanitisers on site is poor.
  • Eateries and tourist places have staff who do not mask.
  • Sanitisation of places after eating etc is not done.

If we are to open up Malaysia safely in the new norm, we need everyone to pull their weight.

Unfortunately, this will come at a cost and it is the onus of local councils and governments to provide tax rebates/ refunds if we are to see adherence to SOPs.

We must understand that SOPs are there to guide us for the better. We are not only trying to keep Covid-19 at bay, but also all potentially contagious and fatal respiratory-linked infectious diseases.

Let’s keep Malaysia safe and here’s to a better 2022. Vaccinate with a booster and resume to a New Norm life.

Happy New Year, Malaysia.

  • This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of CodeBlue.

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