On Contract Since 2017, Please Release Me From JPA Bond — Dr JJ

A contract MO, who started housemanship in May 2017, wants to quit because of depression and anxiety, and also to help care for his incapacitated father (a post-stroke patient). But JPA didn’t answer his request to be released from his 10-year bond.

I am a contract medical officer and started my housemanship in May 2016. I am now on my third contract which ends in May 2024.

Sometime in July 2022, the Public Service Department (JPA) made available a link on their esilav2 site for JPA scholars who were not offered a permanent post, be it whether they are still working in government or not, to request for a release from their bond.

To this day, no reply to my request has been given.

I have written a few times to JPA; last in January this year. The reply is always the same — a meeting of the relevant AJK has yet to take place.

I have sent a letter to Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim and emailed Health Minister Dr Zaliha Mustafa, as well as the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA). Unfortunately, there has been no reply.

In the current climate, it seems unpopular for JPA to let scholars “of the hook”. Those who went ahead and resigned anyway will be penalised with tindakan ganti rugi.

My reasons of wanting to quit are personal.

My father is a post-stroke patient, who is mostly activities of daily living (ADL) dependent. He had his stroke just before I graduated med school and my mother has been his sole caretaker for many years.

I fell into depression and anxiety about two years ago. I was cognisant of how burned out my mom had become and on top of that, I became increasingly despondent at work, partly because of the workload.

I started my long MC since July 2022.

I had submitted a medical report stating my illness, a plea letter, as well as copies of my medical certificates to a JPA officer last year, thinking that it might help.

I cannot resign because my mom is worried of the financial ramifications. My father is my guarantor for my JPA scholarship. The government could ask back for RM600,000 if I renege on my bond of 10 years.

I cant help but feel disappointed with JPA. Was opening this application meant as a tease? For a moment I was hopeful.

I am lost.

I wish to resign, but am at risk of a severe monetary penalty if I do so.

I wonder how much longer JPA will need to conclude their deliberations.

Dr JJ (pseudonym) works at a public hospital in Selangor. CodeBlue is providing the author anonymity as civil servants are prohibited from writing to the press.

  • This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of CodeBlue.

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