Sabah Gets Much-Needed Oxygen Supply, Covid-19 Drugs

MOH delivered 480 oxygen cylinders, 48 oxygen regulators, and a stock of medication to treat Covid-19 to Sabah this morning.

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 7 — Deliveries of oxygen cylinders, oxygen regulators, and medication to treat Covid-19 arrived in Sabah today, as the state struggles to cope with soaring coronavirus cases.

Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said the Ministry of Health (MOH) sent 480 oxygen cylinders, 48 oxygen regulators, and a stock of drugs to Sabah this morning, assisted by the Royal Malaysian Air Force.

“These additional medical equipment are part of MOH’s preparatory measures to curb the rising trend of Covid-19 cases in Sabah,” Khairy said in a statement.

Khairy yesterday also committed to deliver 2.89 million Covid-19 vaccine doses to Sabah, besides an additional 29 ambulances, extra medical officers, and a modular intensive care unit (ICU) for Tawau Hospital with 10 beds.

Today, Sabah reported 2,107 new Covid-19 cases as the virus continues raging in the state with poor health care facilities. More than 1,000 fresh infections and deaths in the double-digits have been recorded every day in Sabah for about a month since August 12.

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