Zaliha Moots Comprehensive Digital System In MOH Facilities

Health Minister Dr Zaliha Mustafa moots a digital system that can capture all digital information in MOH facilities, adding that MOH’s digital pilot project in Negeri Sembilan will be expedited.

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 23 — An all-encompassing digital health system is required due to a lack of communication between existing systems in Ministry of Health (MOH) facilities. 

Dr Zaliha said current public health care facilities that do have digital systems aren’t linked to each other due to the use of different types of digital systems. 

As such, there is a need for an information system that is capable of conveying information as a whole which would then be “made into a system that is more complete”. 

“So, we are in the [midst of] implementation, and for that we have, [what is] called, a new model where there is a possibility that we can do this thing, for example, we can use from the side of rent[ing] [and] purchase[ing], for example, equipment. 

“So, we don’t have to purchase using a high budget for that. There are models, business models, that are new for us to ensure, God willing, we can achieve the digitalisation needs of all our facilities in the near future,” said Dr Zaliha during Minister’s Question Time  in the Dewan Rakyat last Monday. 

The health minister was responding to a question by Pokok Sena MP Haji Ahmad Saad @ Yahaya on the expansion of patient electronic medical record (EMR) systems in MOH facilities. 

Dr Zaliha said that the EMR system has become a priority for the MOH since the passage of the Health White Paper (HWP), a 59-page document that outlines proposed health care reforms over a 15-year period.

She added that the MOH will speed up the digital pilot project in Negeri Sembilan, due to the low rate of digitalisation in MOH facilities. 

Last week, Deputy Health Minister Lukanisman Awang Sauni informed the Dewan Rakyat of the selection of several MOH hospitals in Negeri Sembilan to test the government’s digital rollout plan. In addition to public health care facilities in Negeri Sembilan, Lukanisman said several other hospitals and health clinics will receive upgrades to their digital systems.

The health minister also said that MOH has a digital appointment system in the form of the MySejahtera app. According to Dr Zaliha, more than 35,000 appointments are made daily via the app. 

“This shows that our people have used this system and I will ensure that expansion is done in all of our facilities, especially, maybe, in specialist clinics in our tertiary hospitals, God willing.”

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim announced in his Budget 2024 speech that the government would allocate RM150 million to maintain and expand information technology (IT) systems under the Ministry of Health (MOH).

This includes the implementation of the Clinic Management System Subscription (CCMS) in 100 public health clinics, covering rural and community clinics as well.

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