Procurement Committee Investigated Two Cases At Health Ministry

JKS, whose term was not extended, had been tasked to probe suspicious government procurement and identify any weak or opaque governance that leads to mismanagement, abuse of power, or wastage.

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 9 — The Governance, Procurement and Finance Investigating Committee (JKS) had launched two investigations at the Ministry of Health (MOH), a minister told Parliament, without disclosing details.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Special Functions) Abd Latiff Ahmad said JKS identified 39 cases related to government procurement, governance, and finance across nine federal ministries during its tenure since it was set up in May 2018 under the Pakatan Harapan administration.

The Defence Ministry received the highest number of JKS investigations at 26 cases, followed by the Education Ministry with four investigations, two each at MOH and the Transport Ministry, as well as one each at the Ministries of Housing and Local Government; Environment and Water; Home Affairs; Energy and Natural Resources; and Human Resources.

Abd Latiff did not specify details of the cases under investigation at the listed ministries, the time period of the probes, or JKS’ findings.

“This committee has since completed their term of appointment and has not been extended,” Abd Latiff told Pokok Sena MP Mahfuz Omar in a written Dewan Rakyat reply last December 1.

He added that the main objective of JKS, which was based at the Prime Minister’s Department, was to conduct investigations on suspicious government procurement and to identify any weak or opaque governance that leads to mismanagement, abuse of power, or waste of government finances.

“Subsequently, JKS will make recommendations for improvement on governance, procurement, and government finance by tackling the issue of leakages, besides ensuring that government procurement has the best returns.”

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