How Prompt Is Prompt For A Local Authority Or Federal Agency To Respond To A Complaint? — Boo Soon Yew

There are dangerous potholes at Jalan Kampung Relau and Lintang Bukit Jambul in Penang.

I write with utmost conviction and respect for staff of our local authorities and federal agencies, whom I have had the pleasure of dealing with in Penang these past 11 years.

Nevertheless, there comes a time when you question the urgency of the relevant authority or agency in responding to particular complaints, especially the kind that obviously endangers lives of motorists and pedestrians like potholes and broken drain covers.

Pothole in Penang. Picture by Boo Soon Yew.

I write because I feel the frustration of individuals who had complained about potholes at two separate locations in Penang, namely at Jalan Kampung Relau and Lintang Bukit Jambul. In this age of social media to have a total stranger lamenting his situation to me is unique, but once I viewed the site myself, it was obvious some people were not doing enough.

See for yourself the pictures and you will understand how I feel. Any motorist will recognise the danger these potholes posed.

Pothole in Penang. Picture by Boo Soon Yew.

Hence my purpose to highlight this to ALL in the relevant authorities/agencies throughout Malaysia! You have a responsibility, and that is to execute your duties — “Menjalankan Amanat kepada Rakyat” — as they proclaim.

Please do not wait till we have a sad fatal accident to happen before things start to change. Be the change yourself, top down, bottom up. Then the rakyat will surely appreciate the service you put in.

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