TalentCorp Helps Malaysian Specialists Living Abroad Return To Work At Private Hospitals

TalentCorp Malaysia is facilitating Malaysian specialist doctors abroad to return and work at private hospitals, says Steven Sim. Collaborating hospitals include Sunway Medical Centre, IHH Healthcare (Prince Court, Gleneagles, Pantai) and Thomson Hospital.

KUALA LUMPUR, April 11 — TalentCorp Malaysia is helping Malaysian specialist doctors living abroad to return to their home country to work at private hospitals facing increasing demands for their expertise.

Human Resources Minister Steven Sim said that TalentCorp, an agency under the ministry, is working in collaboration with the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) to facilitate the return of specialists from the Malaysian diaspora.

This initiative comes as private hospitals are actively hiring due to their expansion plans and the growing demand for specialists. 

Among the private hospitals collaborating with TalentCorp are Sunway Medical Centre, IHH Healthcare (Prince Court, Gleneagles, Pantai), and Thomson Hospital.

“One of the initiatives by TalentCorp is to assist individuals with health care backgrounds in returning to Malaysia and securing employment by facilitating the job placement process, connecting private hospitals with specialists abroad.

“Diaspora individuals interested in returning to Malaysia must register with agencies under the MOH, namely the MMC and the National Specialist Register (NSR). This registration will help MMC and NSR verify the specialisation of each specialist,” Sim told Balik Pulau MP Muhammad Bakhtiar Wan Chik in a written Dewan Rakyat reply last February 28.

Since 2011, TalentCorp has received 10,844 applications from the Malaysian diaspora to return to work in their home country under its returning expert programme (REP). 

Out of this number, 6,840 applications have been approved to return under this programme. According to TalentCorp data, a total of 4,488 individuals have returned, with 483 individuals or 7.66 per cent of those returning under the REP being from health care backgrounds.

TalentCorp also collaborated with MatchSync and the MOH to organise a sharing session with Malaysian doctors and specialists abroad in December 2023.

A total of 47 participants attended this virtual session, during which steps to register as specialists upon deciding to return to serve in Malaysia were shared. TalentCorp also provided information about the REP initiative and the application process for doctors.

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