‘Wage Theft’ Saga At UMMC Continues – Enslaved Doctor

A UMMC doctor claims the university hospital is on a witch-hunt, searching for the complainant who previously wrote to CodeBlue about alleged wage theft at UMMC. Till now, “enslaved” internal medicine MOs still can’t claim their passive on-call allowance.

It has been more than a month since the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) town hall meeting with government doctors, and also one month since CodeBlue’s article “Accused Of ‘Wage Theft’, UMMC Says Only ‘Authorised’ On-Call Staff Are Paid” was published.

What has followed since then? 

Sparking Anger Among ‘Dinosaur’ Consultants

Yes, I’m talking about senior consultants who say: “Back in my days, I worked and didn’t get paid. How inconsiderate of the author to tarnish the name of our Centre of Excellence! Why do these young doctors only think about the money! Doctors are a noble job, it’s not about money!”

Bravo, Professor! You just showed your ignorance. I wonder if you would see your patients in the University Malaya Specialist Centre for free. Wouldn’t you be focusing purely on the government sector of University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) if you are not working for money?

Malaysians, in general, have the tendency to make things difficult for their younger generation. One obvious example is the Parallel Pathway programme.

Previously, before the year 2018, the scenario was simple — pass all three parts of the MRCP and go for gazettement. What about now? There are so many criteria, logbooks to be filled, the need to participate in studies, etc.

Some Specialist Created A Group Called ‘Justice For UMMC MOs’

Wow! It may sound as if he is going to fight for justice. He added various medical officers (MOs) and registrars from different departments. For what, you might ask? Let me get this straight, it’s to uncover the culprit who spoke and wrote to CodeBlue. Congratulations, Inspector Gadget. Go Go, Gadget, go!

In Islam, there is a word, jihad, which means to strive or struggle to strive in the path of God (Al-jihad fi sabil Allah). Shouldn’t one fight for the truth? 

Hello, what kind of ‘justice’ is that? To identify and punish the whistleblower? Try to cover up the dirty deeds?

Are you proud to consider yourself a hero? Is that how you are going to climb up the corporate ladder? Perhaps solving the mystery will lead you to a ‘professorship’ award?

My Friends From Internal Medicine Department Have Juicy News

A town hall was held to tell my internal medicine MO colleagues that they have no money to pay for their passive on-call claims. And that they will find out who’s the culprit and that there will be consequences! I thought we have a new government who fights corruption? 

One registrar apparently stood up and asked regarding the UMMC director’s statement, since she said that “only authorised on-call staff are being paid”. The registrar asked what if they don’t turn up for passive weekends since it’s considered unauthorised?

The reply he got will shock the world and send chills down your spine! I am quoting word for word: “If you all don’t show up to work, for HLP Master’s students, I will report to KKM and then wait for them to take action lo. For service MO, they will be subjected to tindakan tatatertib (disciplinary action) lo”.

Oh dear, pity those colleagues! I also got news from them saying that there will be changes to their on-call system. I am guessing there will be an abolishment of their passive on-calls and an increase of 24-hour active calls, pending an update.

By the way, until now, these internal medicine colleagues are still unable to claim their passive on-call allowances.

Again, pity them for these reasons: being enslaved (work without getting paid), nobody really cares about their welfare, being paid a low wage, and still facing a wage theft issue, and facing consequences for triggering the anger of these ancient creatures who are fine with slavery! 

There are a few MOs who are quitting or already quit or planning to quit. Soon there will be a lack of MOs to carry out jobs.

Dear authorities, have you ever asked why the brain drain is happening? Why did my MO quit? Why is there no MO covering the ward today? Why is our health care system collapsing?

The answer is right in your face — because you allow it! You made them walk away. You dinosaurs gave them no choice. You enslaved them and treated them like chess pieces, like pawns. You people spit in their faces when they pleaded for help.

In this holy month of Ramadhan, dear Malaysians, please pray for these poor souls who are being enslaved by these tyrant bosses. May God ease their path. Hopefully, one day, or maybe not, they may or may not get their passive on-call claims.

The author is a medical officer working at University Malaya Medical Centre. CodeBlue is providing anonymity to the author as civil servants are prohibited from writing to the press.

  • This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of CodeBlue.

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