KL Wellness City Provides Over 4,000 Jobs For Local Health Care Talents

The medical suites at The Nobel Healthcare Park will provide opportunities for doctors to own and operate their practice supported by cutting-edge medical facilities.

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 15 – Malaysia has long been suffering from a brain drain involving skilled professionals, and despite its health care sector being among the best in the region, the industry is also not spared from the migration of health care workers to other countries. The long-standing issue of brain drain in the health care sector in particular is a result of varying causes.

“We are facing a major challenge in the health care industry as an increasing number of professionals are leaving the country for better opportunities abroad. This brain drain is affecting the quality of health care services in Malaysia and putting a strain on the country’s health care system,” said said KL Wellness City (KLWC) managing director Dr Colin Lee.

“As the local professional workforce in the health care sector faces is migrating overseas in pursuit of other opportunities, KLWC is committed to taking a part in retaining them. Malaysia has a lot to offer the younger generation. We do not hope to see them looking across borders and leaving the country, thinking the pasture is greener on the other side,” he added.

Having recently announced a take-up rate of 75 per cent for its medical suites during the first phase of operations of The Nobel Healthcare Park in the health care-themed development KLWC, the company is looking to provide more than 4,000 job opportunities for medical professionals.

The Nobel Healthcare Park, which consists of medical, business, wellness, and retail suites, has a fully connected ecosystem of specialists and ancillary medical services interlinked with the adjacent International Hospital @ KL Wellness City, approved as a tertiary hospital with 624 beds and scalable to a 1,000-bed capacity. 

“The health care industry is a vital sector for any country, and to retain a local workforce, a concerted effort is required to provide opportunities for professional development, and to create a more supportive and appealing work environment for health care professionals in Malaysia. With state-of-the-art medical facilities and services integrated into its ecosystem, I believe KL Wellness City can attract local talent and professionals with various employment opportunities and career prospects.” said Malaysian Medical Association president Dr Muruga Raj Rajathurai.

The Nobel Healthcare Park is also set to offer enterprise opportunities for medical professionals. The medical suites at The Nobel Healthcare Park, built in compliance with Ministry of Health regulations, will provide opportunities for doctors to own and operate their practice supported by cutting-edge medical facilities. 

“The medical suite is an avenue for local practitioners to realise their dreams of starting and owning their proprietary practice. Many aspiring medical practitioners want to start their own practice, and we are proud to be a place they feel they belong to.” Lee added.

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