Khairy To Meet Revnesh’s Parents Tomorrow On Their Son’s Death

Khairy Jamaluddin says the autopsy report of 13-year-old Revnesh Kumar, who died 18 days after Covid vaccination, will be disclosed publicly only with Revnesh’s parents’ consent.

KUALA LUMPUR, March 3 – Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said he would meet Revnesh Kumar’s parents to explain the cause of their 13-year-old son’s death.

Khairy said Revnesh’s autopsy report was completed today; the boy’s parents believe that Revnesh’s death was caused by the Covid-19 vaccine that was taken 18 days prior.

“I will meet his father, Naresh Kumar and mother, Vijayarani, tomorrow in my office,” Khairy said in a press conference today.

Khairy pointed out that the Ministry of Health (MOH) must disclose the details of Revnesh’s death to the child’s parents first before announcing it to the public.

“I think it is better to meet the parents first before announcing anything publicly because that is the actual procedure that should be followed as this involves personal death details. I want to inform the parents first. Tomorrow they will come to my office.”

Khairy pointed out that MOH is not supposed to reveal the post-mortem details of an individual publicly as the report contains confidential information.

But if the parents agree to reveal the details, then the information can be announced to the public “anonymously”.

“That is the regulation of MOH.”

The health minister also said MOH’s pharmacovigilance committee will evaluate the post-mortem process to verify if Revnesh’s death was caused by Covid-19 vaccination.

According to Khairy, the autopsy report doesn’t just include post-mortem details, but also the  testing of blood and cell samples sent to laboratories and the Department of Chemistry.

Revnesh’s parents believe their 13-year-old son died from Covid-19 vaccination because he didn’t have any underlying health conditions. 

Revnesh died on January 16 this year, 18 days after receiving his first Covid-19 jab.

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