Khairy: 40% Of Health Professionals Recommended For Permanent Posts After Compulsory Service

A total of 3,586 medical officers, 300 dental officers, and 300 pharmacy officers, totalling 4,186 of 10,583 officers who have completed their compulsory service, were recommended for permanent positions.

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 9 — The Ministry of Health (MOH) has recommended permanent positions for about 40 per cent of government doctors, dentists, and pharmacists after their compulsory service ended, Khairy Jamaluddin said today.

The health minister said the 4,186 health care professionals who were recommended to the Public Service Department (JPA) for permanent posts after their evaluation comprised 3,586 medical officers, 300 dental officers, and 300 pharmacy officers, equivalent to 40 per cent of 10,583 officers whose two-year compulsory service had ended.

The cost next year of permanent positions for these 4,186 officers amounts to some RM377.5 million.

“Like what was previously mentioned, a special committee was formed to obtain long-term solutions to the contract appointments issue,” Khairy told Port Dickson MP Anwar Ibrahim during Question Time in the Dewan Rakyat today.

“This committee is studying the need for amendments to a few related legislations, including the Medical Act and the Dental Act.”

The health minister also reiterated that the Cabinet had decided on July 14 to offer a two-year contract extension to medical officers who completed their two-year compulsory service.

As such, under Budget 2022, the government announced that the contracts of 10,583 medical, dental, and pharmacy officers would be extended. RM100 million has also been allocated to sponsor specialist training for 3,000 contract doctors and dentists.

Anwar was asking Khairy about the government’s actions in preparing for the possibility of a second strike by the Hartal Doktor Kontrak movement. 

Correction: An earlier version of this story erroneously stated that the 4,186 medical, dental, and pharmacy officers had received permanent positions. They have not yet received permanent positions; MOH has only recommended permanent positions for these officers to JPA that will make the final decision on the matter. The article has been corrected.

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