64% Registered Orang Asli Fully Vaccinated Against Covid-19

The bulk of the 182,781 total doses administered were Pfizer at 54.2%, followed by Sinovac (35.6%), CanSino (8.6%), and AstraZeneca (1.6%).

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 22 — About 64 per cent or 92,186 registered Orang Asli out of 144,180 individuals in total are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, Khairy Jamaluddin said.

The health minister, in a written parliamentary reply on October 20, said the bulk of the doses administered to the Orang Asli community were Pfizer at 99,066 doses (54.2 per cent), Sinovac with 65,119 doses (35.6 per cent), CanSino with 15,749 doses (8.6 per cent), and AstraZeneca with 2,847 doses (1.6 per cent) — making it 182,781 doses administered in total.

Khairy said the use of the single-dose Cansino vaccine has helped to increase the Covid-19 immunisation coverage among the Orang Asli community. He was responding to a question on the matter by Senator Isa Ab Hamid.

The government has carried out multiple initiatives to help convince and prepare the Orang Asli community to receive Covid-19 vaccinations. 

They include outreach programmes, engagements with community heads (tok batin), interviews on the Orang Asli radio channel, partnerships with civil societies and local universities, as well as cooperation between state health departments, district health offices, local hospitals, and fire departments to administer the vaccines.

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