AIA Malaysia Offers Free Covid-19 Hospital Income Cover For Children And Expecting Mothers

AIA’s free Covid-19 hospital income cover provides children and expecting mothers a sum of up to RM150 per day for a maximum of 14 days, if they are diagnosed with Covid-19 and require hospitalisation.

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 1 — As the country continues its battle against the Covid-19 pandemic, AIA Malaysia wants to further extend its support to protect an increasingly vulnerable segment of the population, namely children and expecting mothers, by offering them a free Covid-19 hospital income cover.

This offer is part of AIA’s ‘Anakku Sihat, Negaraku Hebat’ campaign, which also features a newly launched comprehensive child solution. 

Through this free cover, AIA aims to provide a sense of security to all Malaysian children and expecting mothers by giving them a hospital income cover of up to RM150 per day for a maximum of 14 days, if they are diagnosed with Covid-19 and require hospitalisation.

This is open to children aged 17 and below and expecting mothers, including existing AIA customers, without needing to purchase or participate in any AIA plans. 

“We understand the anxieties that parents are currently experiencing about their children’s welfare and safety amidst the pandemic. Statistics show that there have been over 82,000 Covid-19 cases involving infants and children as of May 2021, and equally worrying is that the number of expecting mothers requiring intensive care due to Covid-19 has increased to five per cent in August 2021,” said Ben Ng, CEO of AIA Bhd. 

“Earlier in June, we extended free Covid-19 cover for vaccination side effects and home quarantine to many Malaysians, but we realise that expecting mothers and children continue to be exposed to the infectious disease. Our latest hospital income cover allows us to provide additional Covid-19 protection to this vulnerable population, so that families can have the much-needed peace of mind as we ride out this difficult period together,” added Ng. 

The free Covid-19 hospital income cover is available until December 31, 2021, or when the total claims limit reaches RM1 million, whichever comes first, and is subject to terms and conditions.

Interested applicants can register by September 30 through an AIA Life Planner and get further details at

AIA has been at the forefront of providing end-to-end Covid-19 protection for its customers. Besides the free covers, its medical and critical illness plans are currently one of the few in the market that provide permanent coverage for medically necessary hospitalisation due to Covid-19 and vaccine complications at private hospitals.

Along with its ‘Anakku Sihat, Negaraku Hebat’ campaign, the company also introduces A-Life Joy Xtra, a new and innovative solution which protects children from conception to birth and beyond.

A flexible investment-linked insurance plan, A-Life Joy Xtra not only provides comprehensive coverage and saving opportunities for the child, but also comes with a wide range of riders that address various protection needs, giving parents comfort and security as they watch their children grow.  

One of these riders is A-Plus BabyCare Xtra, the first plan in the market that covers the child’s medically necessary expenses and hospital related charges in the first 30 days from birth, a benefit that is typically excluded in most child plans.

The plan also covers treatment and hospitalisation due to neonatal jaundice, as well as 19 congenital conditions. Additionally, expecting mothers will also be protected from the early stages of pregnancy (13 gestational weeks) all the way to birth. 

On the other hand, the A-Plus ParentCare Xtra rider features AIA’s unique Vitality Joy Wallet, which rewards the child with various benefits when the parent joins AIA Vitality and chooses to stay healthy through the health programme for their child.

The Vitality Joy Wallet benefit encourages parents to prioritise their health and set a good example for their children while reaping rewards such as dental and optical check-ups for their child. 

AIA Malaysia also offers a similar shariah-compliant plan, A-Life Ikhtiar child solution, which is suitable for parents who prefer to participate in a family takaful scheme. The plan comes with two corresponding riders that provide identical shariah-compliant features and benefits. 

“It made perfect sense for us to embark on the ‘Anakku Sihat, Negaraku Hebat’ campaign amid all the uncertainty and concern over the health and safety of our children. We wanted to introduce a new child solution that would give parents peace of mind knowing that their children will have access to quality health care and protection during their most critical years of childhood,” said Ng.

“It is our hope that these plans which come with the benefits of AIA’s Total Health Solution ecosystem will empower parents to plan for a brighter future and a healthier, longer, better life with their young ones,” he added.

For more information on AIA Malaysia’s ‘Anakku Sihat, Negaraku Hebat’ campaign, new child plans and other offers, visit

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