Malaysia Hits One Week Of Over 2,000 Daily Covid-19 Cases

There are now 248 Covid-19 patients in ICU, including 101 on ventilator support.

KUALA LUMPUR, April 21 — Malaysia reported 2,340 new Covid-19 infections today, marking the seventh consecutive day of more than 2,000 daily cases. 

Between April 15 and April 21, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has been reporting over 2,000 coronavirus cases consecutively. 

The highest number of Covid-19 cases were reported in Selangor today at 526 cases. Selangor, which has the largest population in Malaysia at about 6.57 million people, has been reporting four- or three-digit cases daily this year. 

Selangor last reported more than 1,000 new Covid-19 cases on February 20, with 1,001 infections. Following that, daily cases below 1,000 were being continuously reported until today. 

Sarawak reported the second highest number of Covid-19 cases in Malaysia at 429 infections today. 

A total of 370 Covid-19 cases were reported in Kelantan today, marking the ninth consecutive day of reporting three-digit cases since April 13. 

Kuala Lumpur reported 291 cases today, with an average of 233 daily Covid-19 cases in the last one week. 

MOH reported 21,687 active Covid-19 cases currently, including 248 patients in the intensive care unit and 101 on ventilator support. 

Eleven new deaths were reported today, pushing the death toll due to Covid-19 to 1,400.

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