Get Vaccinated And Avoid Dying From Covid-19

Taking a vaccine will prevent severe Covid-19 disease that requires ICU and ventilation, and subsequently prevent death from coronavirus.

KUALA LUMPUR, March 9 – Despite controversies about Covid-19 vaccination, the vaccines are effective in preventing severe disease and death from coronavirus, while there is very little data to suggest if the vaccines can prevent transmission of the virus.

We know that after receiving the vaccine, we might still get Covid-19, but it will be the milder version of it (Tier 1 or Tier 2, meaning asymptomatic or having minimal flu symptoms). 

However, those who are not vaccinated can contract the virus (including from those vaccinated) and end up with severe Covid-19 (Tier 3-5). This severe Covid-19 infection might result in pneumonia and some might even need intensive care unit (ICU) treatment and even ventilation. 

The graph above was plotted to see the following Covid-19 data: The daily death change (deaths today minus those of yesterday) after removing those brought in dead (died before receiving hospital care)

  1. The daily change in the number of ICU patients (compared to the day before; i.e. ICU cases today minus the ICU cases yesterday)
  2. The daily change in the number of patients needing ventilation (compared to the day before; i.e. ventilated patients today minus the ventilated patients yesterday)

From this, we can see that every time there was a positive deflection (an increase in the number of cases [ICU or ventilated] compared to the day before), we would see a dip in the number of deaths that day.

However, when there was a negative deflection (a decrease in the number of ICU or ventilated patients), there would be an increase in the number deaths seen on that day. 

Although this was not always the case, it was rather consistent. But there was poor statistical correlation between these two numbers. However, it must be noted that despite this method, it must be said that the variability and perhaps non-statistical correlation is because that there are individuals who, after being admitted into ICU, recover and are discharged later.

There is a strong need for these numbers to be provided in the daily statistics released by the Ministry of Health. 

Nevertheless, the point being made here is that the ICU and ventilated patient deflections are closely related to the death change daily. With that in mind, we must understand that with the uptake of vaccines, we will prevent severe Covid-19 — those that require ICU and ventilation. 

That eventually will reduce deaths from Covid-19 in Malaysia. If you are still sceptical about taking the vaccine, we hope that you and your family will be aware of the civic duty you have to perform by taking the vaccine and preventing severe complications or deaths in Malaysia due to Covid-19.  

Another reason why you should vaccinate — remember that there is a lot of talk or discussions between governments to allow travel only when there is proper uptake of vaccinations among these countries.

So take the vaccine! Do it for yourself, your family and most importantly, for Malaysia!

Note: CodeBlue is publishing this analysis anonymously because the author says: “Malaysia today punishes those who want to put things right”.

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