Two Indonesians In Kuching AWOL After Getting Covid-19

Four new Covid-19 cases were reported in Kuching, comprising two foreigners and two Malaysians.

KUCHING, June 18 — Two Indonesians in Kuching have evaded health authorities after testing positive for Covid-19 in a screening for their work permit applications.

The Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) said the duo had run away during contact tracing and investigations to identify the source of their infection, and have yet to be found before its statement was issued at 2pm today.

“Employers should be careful and file a police report if the two workers (from outside) try to hide themselves at their place,” SDMC said in a statement.

Their age and gender were not specified in SDMC’s statement.

Besides the two new Covid-19 cases among foreigners, two additional infections were reported today in Sarawak among Malaysians, also in the state capital of Kuching.

The cases involving Malaysians included a 33-year-old man from a private event management company who got tested for the coronavirus because he wanted to know his health status.

The other infected Malaysian was a 71-year-old homemaker who got tested for Covid-19 before undergoing eye surgery.

No new recoveries were reported today. The total Covid-19 cases in Sarawak has reached 565. Twelve people are still receiving treatment in hospital. Fatalities from Covid-19 in the state remain at 17.

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