New Covid-19 Cases Hit All States Except Melaka

Two new deaths were reported today in Kedah and Sabah, while Kedah reported a new cluster in Alor Star.

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 30 — The Ministry of Health (MOH) reported new Covid-19 cases today in Kuala Lumpur, Labuan, and every state, except Melaka, most of which involved Sabah travel history.

Kelantan was the only state with new coronavirus infections reported today that did not involve previous Sabah travel, as both cases were close contacts of a positive case (Patient 11,132). Kelantan, however, has previously reported two Covid-19 cases who had visited Sabah. Putrajaya did not report any new Covid-19 cases today.

Labuan, Penang, Perak, and Negeri Sembilan recorded one Covid-19 cases each, whereas Perlis and Pahang recorded two Covid-19 cases each. Three Covid-19 cases were registered in Kuala Lumpur and Terengganu each. All these cases had previously visited Sabah.

Selangor today reported five new cases who previously visited Sabah, whereas Sarawak registered three of such cases. Kedah recorded two cases who had travel history to Sabah and Johor recorded one case.

Out of 86 locally transmitted cases reported nationwide today, 25 had Sabah travel history.

The balance five new Covid-19 cases in Selangor, aside from the five with Sabah travel history, were identified among two people in a symptomatic screening and two individuals in workplace screening. A Covid-19 patient was identified in a screening before leaving to the home country.

Kedah reported 13 new Covid-19 cases today. Five close contacts of Patient 11,129 tested positive with the coronavirus in Kedah.

Three Covid-19 cases were reported in a newly identified Tembok cluster in Alor Star, Kedah. The index case (Patient 11,207) is a Malaysian male who was detected with the virus on September 28 and died on the same day, after he experienced symptoms a week prior on September 21. The 46-year-old patient had diabetes, heart and kidney diseases.

Following that, two more Covid-19 patients were detected through close contact screening. The cause of the infection is still under investigation.

Two more unlinked Covid-19 cases in Kedah were detected through a symptomatic screening and a case was reported under the Sungai cluster.

Sabah reported 35 new Covid-19 cases today, including 18 unlinked cases discovered through a symptomatic screening. The Benteng Lahad Datu cluster registered four new cases, whereas the Bangau-Bangau cluster registered nine cases. Three more close contacts of Patient 10,273 were identified positive for the virus.

A 70-year-old Malaysian man, who suffered from the final stage of cancer, died at home in Sabah and a screening at Tawau Hospital revealed that the patient had contracted Covid-19.

The Bakawali cluster in Johor recorded seven new Covid-19 cases. MOH said that four new Covid-19 cases were reported today in Sarawak, including one case screened at the airport. Sarawak’s State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) said separately that the case was a Sarawakian woman who had returned to Sarawak from Kuala Lumpur through the Miri airport, where she underwent a random Covid-19 screening.

The two newly recorded deaths have increased the Covid-19 death toll in the country to 136. Of the 1,121 active cases, a total of 16 patients are still receiving treatment in the intensive care unit, with three under ventilator support.

From the total of 89 new Covid-19 cases recorded today, three imported cases were recorded among returnees from the United Kingdom and Indonesia. The rest of 86 local transmissions involved 84 Malaysians and two foreign nationals.

MOH also announced that it has mobilised health care workers to Tawau, Lahad Datu, Semporna, and Kunak in Sabah that are currently designated red zones with more than 50 coronavirus cases in each district in the past 14 days.

According to MOH’s 14-day moving chart, Semporna reported 362 local Covid-19 cases within the past fortnight, followed by Tawau (342), Lahad Datu (92), and Kunak (53).

A total of 140 medical officers and 225 assistant medical officers will be stationed at the Sabah State Health Department, according to the current vacancies and service requirements, including clinics, hospitals and health offices throughout Sabah, beginning tomorrow.

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