Global Covid-19 Cases Pass One Million

The US takes up 22 per cent of all cases, and has recorded almost 6,000 deaths.

KUALA LUMPUR, April 3 – The total number of infected cases of the coronavirus has now surpassed one million, as death toll nears 53,000.

“The number of coronavirus infections continue to rise worldwide, with more than 1,013,000 people diagnosed, as the death toll nears 53,000, including almost 6,000 in the United States, according to the data from Johns Hopkins University early on Friday,” reported Al Jazeera.

The US alone is responsible for more than 22 per cent of total cases, and 11 per cent of the deaths.

The first 100,000 cases took around 55 days, and the first 500,000 took about 76 days. But the first one million took only eight days.

The number of total cases reported also increased by 10 per cent from the day before, marking the first double-digit surge since the virus spread outside of China.

Global fatality rate now stands at 5 per cent of all reported cases; and Europe has more than 50 per cent of total cases and more than 70 per cent of deaths around the world.

On the positive side, almost 209, 000 have recovered from the deadly virus around the world.

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