Social Media Linked With Depression In Indonesia

Research found social media created envy and feelings of resentment.

KUALA LUMPUR, June 18 — Social media use has been associated with poor mental health in Indonesia that has among the most Facebook and Twitter users in the world.

The Jakarta Post reported that the research published in The Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, which analysed data from the Indonesia Family Life Survey 2014, found that adult use of social media was correlated with increased depression.

The study by Sujarwoto, Gindo Tampubolon and Adi Cilik Pierewan also found that social media created envy and feelings of resentment upon seeing happy images that highlighted Indonesia’s high levels of inequality.

“It’s a strong reminder that these technologies can have a downside.

“We would like to see public health officials think creatively about how we can encourage people to take a break from social media, or to be aware of the negative consequences it can have on mental health,” Gindo was quoted saying.

Indonesia has reportedly the fourth highest number of Facebook users in the world at 54 million users. The neighbouring country has also reportedly the fifth largest number of Twitter users globally at 22 million users.

Photo by Today Testing.

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