How Many People Have To Die Before Doctor Shortages Are Resolved? – Dr Elena

A medical officer says like HKL, Melaka Hospital is also suffering doctor shortages due to relocations. Patients are stranded in Melaka GH’s ED for nearly 2-3 days. “I’ve seen patients, who were initially stable upon presentation, deteriorate and succumb.”

I refer to CodeBlue’s article titled “HKL Emergency Doctors Pull Double Shifts, Expect Staff Resignations And Longer Waiting Times As Relocation Nears”.

I am a medical officer (MO) from Melaka general hospital. Unfortunately, we are also facing a similar predicament due to this recent relocation.

Patients are being stranded in ED (emergency department) for almost two to three days. We are unable to perform certain bedside procedures in ED in view of sterility issues.

When patients are being stranded too long in ED without being seen by the primary team, this results in delay of proper management, which causes the patient to deteriorate while waiting for admission.

I have seen patients, who were initially stable upon presentation, deteriorate and succumb.

The root of the problem is not enough manpower. Not enough MOs in the emergency department to monitor and review patients regularly. Not enough MOs in wards to settle the discharges.

How many people have to die before the higher-ups address this issue?

Furthermore, we are told to be on call eight to 10 times next month to cope with the lack of manpower. A few of my colleagues are having burnout and taking emergency leave, which results in even lesser manpower.

Around 80 medical officers are relocating out of Melaka Hospital. I suggest that we retain at least 20 per cent to 30 per cent of MOs in Melaka GH who got placements, or at least 20 of them at their current workplace, which I think would be helpful.

I heard from my friends who got district hospitals: Batu Pahat Hospital is receiving around 80 new permanent MOs, while Segamat Hospital is receiving around 50 MOs.

How is it logical that secondary hospitals are receiving so many MOs, but state hospitals are receiving none?

Dr Elena (pseudonym) is a medical officer at Melaka Hospital. CodeBlue is providing the author anonymity because civil servants are prohibited from speaking to the press.

  • This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of CodeBlue.

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