Zaliha: Selection Process For Permanent Posts Is ‘Objective, Fair, Transparent’

Dr Zaliha Mustafa also says evaluations are based on one’s annual performance and current evaluation during interviews, as well as integrity, teamwork, and professionalism.

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 23 – Dr Zaliha Mustafa today defended the selection process for permanent positions in the public health service, amid long-standing complaints from government doctors about the opaqueness of the selection process. 

The health minister said decisions to appoint contract medical officers into permanent service are based on vacancies of permanent positions and the fulfilment of the criteria for the appointments as set by the Public Service Commission (SPA).

“The evaluation process for the purpose of permanent appointments is implemented in an objective, fair, and transparent manner,” Dr Zaliha said during her winding-up of the debate on the motion of thanks on the royal address in the Dewan Rakyat today.

“Evaluations are also conducted based on performance – annual performance – and current evaluation during interviews, as per SPA’s recruitment procedure.

“Officers will also be evaluated from the aspects of integrity, ability to do teamwork, and professionalism for appointment as a civil servant. If the officer does not get a permanent appointment, the officer can still apply for permanent positions if there are vacancies in new positions.”

Dr Zaliha said the Ministry of Health (MOH) offers 1,500 new permanent positions annually, based on the Cabinet’s January 19, 2022 decision, following the completion of new facilities or the upgrades of existing ones.

She added that complaints about the selection criteria for permanent positions were raised at her town hall meeting yesterday with government doctors.

“So, I will, insya Allah, discuss with the SPA to look at the criteria suggested by a few doctors yesterday, particularly the MMA (Malaysian Medical Association).”

CodeBlue reported that among the solutions proposed by town hall participants yesterday that do not require funding was for MOH to publish the selection criteria for permanent positions for house and medical officers, as well as the selection criteria for JUSA positions for specialist doctors.

MMA, in a statement earlier today, sent the press a points-based selection criteria for the appointment of doctors into permanent service. MMA’s proposed points table includes the following parameters: work performance, demonstrable intent on pursuing specialisation, participation in academia, commitment to continuing professional development (CPD), service in areas of need, and participation in non-governmental organisations.

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