Private Hospitals To Work On 5G Technology — APHM

5G technology will certainly speed up the development of telehealth and tele-diagnostics.

The Association of Private Hospitals Malaysia (APHM), comprising 151 member hospitals, will be engaging with 5G technology providers and vendors with 5G-ready medical devices at the end of this month.

This is to prepare private hospitals to move on to the next level of care using 5G connectivity.

Accelerating health care digitalisation with 5G for hospital business and patient care would be the topic of discussion scheduled on March 26, 2022 in Penang.

Experts from TM One and Siemens Healthineers will be at the inaugural conference. Subsequently in June, other telcos would be invited to APHM’s annual conference at the KLCC Convention Centre.

Private hospitals are keen to establish top-notch connectivity to better serve their patients, and also medical tourists. 5G technology will enable seamless transfers of medical records and imaging, and also will also enhance transfers of medical data using sensor devices like smart watches and other medical instruments remotely.

With the current uncertainties surrounding the health care system in Malaysia, 5G technology will certainly speed up the development of telehealth and tele-diagnostics.

The usage of cloud storage for medical records will be a game changer for the health care industry, and will be of great convenience to patients who travel to other places to seek treatment.

However, there are some procedural and security issues in using technology, notably the fear of breach of confidentiality and the uncertainty of the secureness of information containment.

These issues will be discussed at the conference, and case studies from other parts of the world will be used as examples to better understand 5G technology.

Private hospitals participating in the discussion in Penang will also understand how 5G technology was recently used by the Ministry of Health to facilitate processes during the Covid-19 pandemic, and will also demonstrate the value it brings to health care.

Dr Kuljit Singh is president of the Association of Private Hospitals Malaysia (APHM).

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