Private Health Facilities Must Notify MOH Before Providing Covid Screenings

Private clinics, hospitals, and ambulatory care centres are required to seek approval from local authorities for the use of premises for coronavirus screening and triaging services.

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 5 — The Ministry of Health (MOH) has instructed private clinics, hospitals, and ambulatory care centres to notify it before providing Covid-19 screening and triaging services, including RT-PCR tests.

Health Minister Dr Adham Baba said in an October 2 circular that approval for providing these services will be in force on the date of the self-declaration forms submitted by these private medical facilities to MOH’s Private Medical Practice Control Section (CKAPS).

“The self-declaration must be submitted to the Director of the Medical Practice, Ministry of Health Malaysia, at [email protected] before providing the related facilities and services,” Dr Adham said in his circular.

The self-declaration form — which asks private medical facilities to state the kinds of coronavirus tests provided, such as RT-PCR tests — also requires private health facilities to seek approval from local authorities for the use of premises for Covid-19 screening and triaging services.

The form also states that health care providers providing Covid-19 tests are running “low-risk” screening activities.

Dr Adham’s circular further states that test kits used by private health facilities must have a “surat tiada halangan” (no-objection letter) from the Medical Devices Authority. When using the RT-PCR method, testing must be done at laboratories accredited by MOH for Covid-19.

Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah previously said in a July 13 letter to private medical practitioner groups, including private hospitals and general practitioners, that MOH has permitted private health facilities to screen low-risk people for Covid-19 through the antigen rapid test kit.

The latest flowchart for sampling of Covid-19 by private health facilities can be found on Annex 2f, whereas the guideline on Covid-19 testing using antigen rapid test kits (RTK-Ag) for health facilities version 4.0 is listed on Annex 4c.

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