AIA Launches Medical Plans Covering Early Screenings

AIA launches A-Life Beyond Critical Care, which provides end-to-end critical illness protection, and A-Plus Total Health that offers comprehensive health protection for the entire family.

KUALA LUMPUR, August 27 — AIA Malaysia has launched two new medical insurance plans that cover early illness detection and outpatient treatment.

The insurance company’s A-Life Beyond Critical Care, which covers 180 conditions, provides 100 per cent lump-sum payment at all stages of diagnosis — including both early and intermediate discoveries — unlike other critical illness plans in the market.

The plan, which recognises the importance of prevention and early detection of an illness as the key to treatment and recovery, also rewards customers for staying healthy through various innovative benefits such as a yearly cash bonus of up to 20 per cent of annual premium. Additionally, customers who do not make a claim will get up to 150 per cent of their total premiums back when the policy matures.

Upon diagnosis of a critical illness, customers can be reimbursed for medications, consultations, follow-up tests and screenings, as well as rehabilitation therapies post-critical illness treatment for one year.

AIA Malaysia’s A-Plus Total Health is a takaful health plan for one’s entire family, with a single plan covering up to six family members, where customers diagnosed with an illness or condition will enjoy up to RM2 million per year in medical protection, without a lifetime limit. This includes outpatient treatment for major illnesses such as cancer and kidney dialysis.

Customers can also opt not to be hospitalised and still be covered for conditions such as dengue, bronchitis, influenza and pneumonia. With AIA’s Health Wallet feature, customers can also utilise up to RM300 per year for health screenings and vaccinations.

“With uncertainties surrounding the ongoing pandemic and the rising numbers of health issues and critical illnesses faced by Malaysians, it is now more important than ever for us to prioritise all aspects of our health.

“The launch of A-Life Beyond Critical Care and A-Plus Total Health is a continuation of our efforts in AIA to ensure that fellow Malaysians have access to solutions that will deliver on these three fundamentals in their health journey – Prevention, Protection, and Support,” AIA Bhd CEO Ben Ng said at a recent media launch.

A recent poll conducted by AIA during the Movement Control Order (MCO) revealed that more Malaysians have shown interest in improving their health. According to AIA, 45 per cent of Malaysians surveyed are working out more, and 43 per cent have been eating healthier since the start of the MCO last March amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

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