Covid-19 May Wreak Damage On Survivors’ Major Organs Beyond Lungs

The coronavirus may lead to long-lasting effects on the kidney, heart, and brain.

KUALA LUMPUR, July 17 — People who recover from Covid-19 may suffer long-lasting effects that go beyond their lungs and hit other major organs.

These effects are not exclusive to those who required ventilators, reported Sky News.

Fibrosis happens to one in five or six survivors, where the delicate tissues in their lungs are scarred, which leaves them breathless and coughing months past.

One in three survivors develop moderate to severe damage to their kidneys, with some needing dialysis, and possibly a transplant.

Half of over 1,200 Covid-19 patients from 69 countries showed heart abnormalities, and 15 per cent of them experienced significant changes to the blood pumping of their hearts, according to new research by Edinburgh University.

There are also brain and neurological changes to half of Covid-19 survivors, with symptoms ranging from mild, such as headaches and loss of smell, to severe like stroke, seizures and inability to speak.

Possible reasons are the wide presence of the ACE-2 receptors which the coronavirus uses to enter cells, or that the person’s immune response went into “overdrive” to kill the virus, but damaging healthy tissues at the same time.

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