Coronavirus Cases Nearing 100,000, Over 3,000 Dead

More new Covid-19 cases and deaths were reported outside of China since Wednesday.

KUALA LUMPUR, March 6 — The number of novel coronavirus cases worldwide has risen to 97,510, with Covid-19 killing 3,345 people.

According to data collected by AFP, 2,699 new contaminations and 100 new deaths were identified yesterday, including in China, where the outbreak emerged last December in Wuhan city.

However, more cases and deaths were recorded outside of China since Wednesday — 2,560 new cases and 69 new deaths. In comparison, only 139 new infections and 31 deaths were recorded in China from Wednesday to Thursday.

China has reported a total of 80,409 Covid-19 cases since last December, of which 3,012 were fatal. Outside China, some 17,101 cases have been reported since the epidemic began, including 333 deaths.

AFP reported that the most affected countries after China so far are South Korea (6,088 cases, 35 deaths, 467 new cases); Italy (3,858 cases, 148 deaths, 769 new cases); Iran (3,513 cases, 107 deaths, 591 new cases), and France (377 cases, 6 deaths, 120 new cases).

Since then, the numbers have increased. For example, South Korea has since confirmed a total of 6,284 coronavirus cases, up by 196 cases from Thursday. Seven more deaths there have also been reported, reported The Straits Times.

China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, US, France, Spain, Iraq, and Australia recorded new coronavirus deaths this week, while Slovenia, Bosnia, Hungary, and South Africa have also confirmed their respective first cases.

Meanwhile, in Asia, a total of 87,961 cases and 3,064 deaths have been reported.

Asia has the most number of cases and deaths compared to the other continents — Europe, 5,533 cases (158 deaths); Middle East, 3,741 cases (110 deaths); US and Canada,162 cases (11 deaths); Oceania, 58 cases (2 deaths); Africa, 29 cases; and Latin America and the Caribbean, 26 cases. Antarctica is the only continent with no cases.

Malaysia has reported 55 cases of the coronavirus and no deaths. Twenty-two patients have since recovered and been discharged from hospital.

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