Coronavirus Kills Almost 1,400 in China, 5,000 New Cases Reported

Hubei province is changing its method of counting coronavirus cases to identify patients with pneumonia.

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 14 — The death toll from the novel coronavirus has neared 1,400 in China, as the country confirmed 5,090 new infections.

AP reported that mainland China has now reported 63,851 confirmed cases of Covid-19, of which 1,380 have died.

The number of reported cases has been increasing quickly, according to AP, after Hubei province, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak, changed its counting method for cases of the viral infection.

AP reported that the increased number of cases does not necessarily mean a sudden surge in new infections of Covid-19, but more like a revised methodology.

China’s health commission reportedly said the change was meant to identify suspected cases, where patients have pneumonia so that they can be treated quicker, reducing the probability of more serious illness or death.

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