Baby Born To Mother In Coma

The fetus was not expected to survive the pregnancy.

KUALA LUMPUR, July 1 — A baby girl has recently been born to a pregnant woman in Kelantan who has been in a coma since last December.

Farah Hanis Fairol Haziri’s 36 year old mother Kamareeah Arwae, fell into a coma after suffering cramps and seizures due to an existing and growing brain tumour.

Kamareeah’s husband Fairol Haziri Rahim told Sinar Harian that his wife had been diagnosed with the condition when she was already two months pregnant.

He had been told by attending doctors that the chances of survival for the baby being born and for it to survive were low. The many treatments needed for Kamareeah to deal with the tumour would have put the fetus at risk. It was not expected to survive the pregnancy.

However, despite going several procedures to remove the tumour and treat the remaining condition, the baby remained strong throughout and showed no sign of complications.

Fortunately, Farah was successfully surgically born. She will need to spend at least three weeks in hospital.

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