Singapore’s Daily Covid-19 Deaths, Cases Surpass Malaysia Per Capita

Singapore exceeded Malaysia on daily new Covid-19 deaths per million people since Oct 30, as well as daily new cases per capita since Oct 1.

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 18 — Per capita daily new Covid-19 deaths and infections have been higher in Singapore than Malaysia since October, as coronavirus-related mortality continues to climb in the island republic.

According to global tracker Our World In Data, per capita daily new Covid-19 deaths in Singapore exceeded Malaysia since October 30, after Malaysia’s mortality trend declined sharply since peaking mid-September, while daily deaths in Singapore have been on an upward trend from September 20.

On November 16, Singapore recorded 2.33 new deaths per million people on a seven-day average, compared to Malaysia’s 1.49.

In terms of cumulative Covid-19 fatalities, however, Malaysia far exceeds Singapore on a per capita basis, recording 907 total deaths per million people by November 15, about eight times higher than Singapore’s cumulative 109 fatalities per million population.

Malaysia also recorded more total Covid-19 confirmed cases per capita at 77,845 infections per million people as of November 15, about 1.8 times higher than Singapore’s total 43,874 cases per million population.

Malaysia’s Covid-19 mortality is still on the decline, even though new infections began rising on average since November 9.

Malaysia recorded about 173 new Covid-19 cases per million people on average on November 16, lower than Singapore’s 449. 

Singapore began overtaking Malaysia’s daily Covid-19 case count per capita from October 1, as new infections in Singapore peaked on October 29 whereas daily cases in Malaysia began decreasing from an August 31 peak.

In fact, based on a seven-day average, Singapore’s peak of 692 new cases per million people on October 29 was higher than Malaysia’s peak of 665 new cases per million population on August 31.

To date, Malaysia has reported more than 2.5 million total Covid-19 cases and nearly 30,000 coronavirus-related deaths. Singapore has recorded 244,815 total infections and 619 fatalities.

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