MPs, Please Support Medical Act Amendments When Tabled — MMA

The Malaysian Medical Association urges MPs to support amendments to the Medical Act when they are tabled in Parliament to resolve specialist recognition issues. The bill has yet to be listed on the daily Dewan Rakyat Order Paper.

The Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) commends the Ministry of Health (MOH) for its strong commitment towards resolving issues in the recognition of specialists via amendments to the Medical Act 1971.

We look forward to the tabling of the amendments in Parliament with hope for the best outcome. The issue needs to be addressed swiftly as the country is in dire need of more specialists. 

We hope all MPs will understand the importance of the amendments and do their part when the final draft is put to a vote.

We are far behind the country’s target of 28,000 specialists by 2030.

Both the local Master’s programme and the parallel pathway are vital in our efforts to produce more specialists to serve the people. Both pathways must be supported.

Dr Azizan Abdul Aziz is the president of the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA).

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