Free Inpatient Treatment In Private Hospitals With Iltizam Selangor Sihat’s Hospitalisation Benefit

Iltizam Selangor Sihat (ISS) has a new hospitalisation benefit for inpatient treatment with RM10,000 annual coverage limit in 48 panel hospitals nationwide. ISS members get varied treatment options and quicker service, reducing reliance on government hospitals.

KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 — The Selangor state government has launched a new hospitalisation benefit for inpatient treatment with an annual coverage limit of RM10,000 under the Iltizam Selangor Sihat (ISS) health insurance scheme.

Selangor state public health and environment executive councillor Jamaliah Jamaluddin explained that the hospitalisation benefit covers treatment for almost all diseases, except 36 critical illnesses (subject to terms and condition), in 48 registered panel hospitals across Malaysia.

“Since the hospitalisation benefit is a recent addition, we are actively working on increasing awareness through collaborations with all Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) to ensure that ISS members are well-informed and can effectively utilise these benefits,” Jamaliah told CodeBlue in a recent email interview.

“The primary goal of introducing this hospitalisation benefit is to provide ISS members with access to varied treatment options, enhanced comfort during medical care, and quicker service, thereby reducing their reliance on and wait times at government hospitals. This initiative is aimed to improve health outcomes for our members.”

Below is the process flow for ISS members to access the new hospitalisation benefit:

  1. ISS members to obtain a doctor’s reference letter from any Selcare Clinic, the KL Clinic branch, or through Selangkah or via its telemedicine feature.
  2. ISS members to visit a Selcare panel hospital with Selcare’s reference letter. The hospital will conduct a pre-consultation and submit a pre-admission form to Selcare.
  3. The hospital will apply for a guarantee letter (GL) from Selcare.
  4. The GL will be issued by Selcare. ISS members may proceed with treatment at the hospital.
  5. For discharge, the hospital will submit the patient’s bill to Selcare and apply for a payment notice.
  6. The payment notice is issued and the ISS member is discharged. Selcare will verify the patient’s bill and notify the patient of items or matters not borne that are subject to terms and conditions (if applicable).

The list of Selcare panel hospitals that provide the ISS hospitalisation benefit, as well as the list of covered conditions, can be found here.

Jamaliah’s Vision To Rebrand Public Health As Everyday Concept 

In her interview with CodeBlue, Jamaliah said the Selangor state government’s mission this year is to rebrand public health to make it more accessible, relatable, and integral to daily life.

“Our goal is to foster a culture where public health is not seen as a distant concern of medical professionals but as a shared responsibility and priority for everyone. 

“Through strategic partnerships, community engagement, and communication strategies, we aim to weave public health into the fabric of daily life in Selangor.”

The state government aims to pivot its public health strategies to preventive health care in a bid to reduce long-term health care costs associated with treating chronic diseases.

Increased Smoke-Free Areas In Selangor, Accessible Smoking Cessation Programmes

Jamaliah said the Selangor state government has recognised the increasing use of conventional and electronic cigarettes as a “significant public health concern”.

The state’s tobacco control strategy is particularly focused on reducing the use of e-cigarettes or vape among young adults or adolescents.

“These efforts are geared towards informing the public about the risks tied to both smoking and vaping and encouraging a shift towards healthier lifestyles,” Jamaliah said.

“Highlighting the dangers associated with nicotine addiction and the potential health impacts of these practices is a central component of this initiative.”

The 2023 Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) Malaysia found that vaping prevalence in the country surged 600 per cent over the past 12 years, with 5.8 per cent of people aged 15 and above now e-cigarette users, compared to only 0.8 per cent in 2011.

The survey by the Institute for Public Health under the Ministry of Health also noted that the 19 per cent national prevalence of current tobacco smoking in 2023 among adults aged 15 years and older fell short of the target of 15 per cent or lower by 2025.

Jamaliah said the state government is collaborating with local councils to designate smoke-free areas, besides working with other government bodies to create a support network for smokers or vapers who want to quit.

“A key aspect of this effort is providing accessible cessation programmes and resources, designed to assist those on their quitting journey.”

What Success Will Look Like To Jamaliah

Jamaliah, a first-time exco, listed a few key milestones towards a healthier Selangor that she would like to achieve by the end of the year.

“Success would mean seeing a steadfast increase in the number of individuals accessing and benefiting from our health programmes and initiatives. It’s not just about the numbers, but ensuring these programmes reach and resonate with the community, especially those living in remote areas or who are typically underserved.

“Success also lies in the level of public engagement and awareness about their health and health related issues. I envision a community more informed about their health options, rights, and resources available to them. 

“Achieving this means having effective health information dissemination, leveraging social media, community leaders and grassroot volunteers, to foster a health-conscious culture.”

Jamaliah also highlighted partnerships with the private sector and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to enhance public health efforts, bring in additional resources, and create sustainable health initiatives that can continue beyond her tenure.

“Finally, on a personal note, success involves growing into my role as a young and first-time exco. This means gaining the trust of the community, building effective and strong teams with the people I work alongside, and advocating successfully for health at the state and even national level,” said the young DAP state lawmaker.

“It’s about learning from every encounter and using those lessons to better serve the people of Selangor.”

How To Be An ISS Member

In order to utilise the hospitalisation benefits, one must register to become a member of ISS.

For new applications, applicants may choose to register using one of these methods:

  1. Download “Manual Form” from the ISS website and send the completed application to the nearest Pejabat ADUN/ Pejabat Penyelaras ADUN.


  1. Download and apply through Selangkah mobile application with complete information and uploading required documents. Upon completion, applicants to visit nearest Pejabat ADUN/ Pejabat Penyelaras ADUN for verification purposes.

Once approved, member view access will be displayed in the Selangkah application under the ISS tab.

Learn more about the application criteria and other information regarding ISS by downloading the SELANGKAH application or visit the ISS website.

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