Malaysia Detects One Fever Case Among 28,705 Arrivals From China

From fever screenings, authorities detected one China arrival in Malaysia with fever; that person later tested negative for Covid-19 on antigen RTK. People may be infected with Covid and transmit the virus even if they do not yet show symptoms.

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 20 – Authorities detected just one person with fever among 28,705 visitors arriving in Malaysia from China between January 8 and 17 this year.

That traveller, picked up from fever screenings at the airport, later tested negative for Covid-19 on an RTK antigen test.  

“No travellers from PRC have been detected Covid-19 positive at the country’s international entries so far,” Dr Zaliha Mustafa said in a statement.

People may be infected with Covid-19 even if they do not yet show symptoms; they can also transmit the virus while asymptomatic.

Malaysia does not implement pre-departure or on-arrival Covid tests for arrivals from China or other countries, only fever screenings at airports.

Dr Zaliha also reported an increase in Covid-19 booster vaccination nationwide, particularly in Sarawak that saw a 35 per cent rise in uptake for the second booster shot between January 1 and 17.

On average, the second booster jab uptake rose 20 times to 2,085 doses daily from 101 doses last December 31. 

According to KKMNow statistics, 49.9 per cent of Malaysia’s total population has taken their first Covid-19 booster dose, and 2.3 per cent their second.

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