MySejahtera Appointment System Can’t Solve Emergency Department Overcrowding — Dr Lina

Stable patients who don’t want to wait for their appointments in primary health clinics turn to ED. Appointments at specialist clinics are often 6 to 9 months away.

An appointment system has already been implemented in public health clinics since the Movement Control Order (MCO), but it was another reason for overcrowding in the emergency department (ED).

STABLE patients who do not want to wait for their appointments in primary health clinics turn to the ED, insisting they want treatment on that day and do not want to wait for their appointments in health clinics.

The previous system for appointments has not been user friendly. Not every patient knows how to use the IT system to make appointments or has a canggih phone.

Overcrowding cannot be solved by turning to the MySejahtera appointment system.

There already exists an appointment system for all specialist clinics in all public hospitals. The appointments are often six to nine months away because too many patients are waiting to be seen.

The long queue for appointments to be seen in a government specialist clinic is another reason stable patients turn up in the emergency department — because they could not wait for that long to be seen in the specialist clinic.

Any solution to overcome overcrowding in hospitals should be evidence-based or at least consultation-based with relevant stakeholders.

Where did YBMK get the idea that using MySejahtera appointments would help solve overcrowding?

Dr Lina is a pseudonym for a doctor working in a public hospital in Selangor. CodeBlue is publishing this letter anonymously because civil servants are prohibited from writing to the media.

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