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We must all remember that when it comes to eating out, there is an unwritten social contract between the provider and the customer.

A few states in the United States have declared that monkeypox as a public health emergency, just days after the World Health Organization (WHO) did the same.

There is public indifference towards this declaration, especially coming after the Covid-19 pandemic. We have seen many lockdowns and public health measures that have changed our lives for good. 

However, we should now have a greater sense of responsibility towards each other. If a person is sick or feeling unwell, do not come out. If a person has tested positive, self-quarantine and get medical help.

We must all remember that when it comes to eating, there is an unwritten social contract between the provider and the customer. I decided to write this article as I feel many have forgotten what we have experienced over the last two-and-a-half years.

With the emergence of another potential infectious disease, some might need reminding. Many may not agree, but I bring your attention to this article written some time ago.

Looking at where we are today, the article certainly contains some sound advice. Remember that many children have not been vaccinated, and not heeding the following advice will put them at risk.

The Customer’s Point Of View 

As a customer, I expect that:

  • The restaurant’s workers are all vaccinated.
  • The restaurant’s workers are healthy before starting work.
  • The restaurant’s workers should follow all SOPs, including masking and hand hygiene, especially before and after serving customers.
  • All utensils are washed properly, especially after use.
  • The restaurant is hygienic. This includes a properly distanced and ventilated sitting area and that the food prepared is covered.
  • There is proper cleaning of the tables, chairs, and counters, especially surface areas. 

The Restaurant’s Point Of View

A restaurant owner expects that all customers:

  • Mask up when coming into restaurants. 
  • Do not handle multiple plates, utensils and glasses by touching a few at one go.
  • Do not come in if you are feeling unwell. You are welcome to pack your food to go, but please do not dine in, as you will be putting our staff and other customers at risk
  • Practice hygiene and cover up, especially if you are about to sneeze or cough. We have other people in the same area who might be uncomfortable with your habits.
  • Never argue with the people working there when they ask you to practise the SOPs. Everyone is following regulations whether they like it or not
  • Do not smoke within the premises.

Let us all understand and be on our best behaviour when going to restaurants. Stay safe and practise all SOPs. Everyone should pull their weight to ensure that we are all safe from all infectious diseases. 

CodeBlue is publishing this letter anonymously because civil servants are not permitted to write to the press without prior authorisation. 

  • This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of CodeBlue.

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