Malaysia Covid-19 Cases Dropped 7% Last Week

National new Covid-19 infections decreased Nov 21-27 from the previous week, but new cases increased in Kedah, KL, Melaka, Perlis, and Labuan.

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 2 — Malaysia’s Covid-19 epidemic declined slightly last week with a 7 per cent decrease in new cases, after a consecutive rise in fresh infections the previous two weeks.

The 37,830 weekly new cases reported nationwide in the 47th epidemiological week (November 21-27) was the second lowest for the past three months, after the lowest recorded in Week 44 (October 31-November 6) at 35,303 new cases.

In Week 46 (November 14 to 20), Malaysia reported 40,600 new coronavirus infections, before decreasing by 2,770 cases, or 6.82 per cent, to 37,830 new infections last week (November 21 to 27).  

Malaysia reported an average of 5,404 new cases a day last week, an average of 400 fewer daily infections compared to the previous week. 

Deviating from the national trend, Kedah, Melaka and Kuala Lumpur had a marginal increase of 3.5 per cent, 5.3 per cent and 8.3 per cent respectively in new Covid-19 cases last week. 

While the increase for Kedah and Melaka is marginal, this is the third consecutive week of rising cases for these two states which started from Week 45 (November 7 to 13).

Perlis, on the other hand, reported a staggering 63.8 per cent increase in new Covid-19 cases, jumping from 127 cases in Week 46 (November 14 to 20) to 208 cases in Week 47 (November 21 to 27). 

However, the 127 weekly new cases in the week of November 14 to 20 was the lowest in Perlis since its epidemic peaked mid-August. 

Finally, Labuan had an increase of 24 per cent in new Covid-19 cases last week, a noticeable rise from 117 new infections in Week 46 (November 14 to 20) to 145 new cases in Week 47 (Nov 21-27). 

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