Sibu Hospital Completes Modular ICU With 10 Beds

Sibu Hospital’s field hybrid modular ICU will begin operations after checks and certification are complete.

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 13 — The construction of a new modular intensive care unit (ICU) with 10 beds for Sibu Hospital has been completed, hospital management announced yesterday.

A handover ceremony on the field hybrid modular ICU (FHyICU) was held yesterday between the contractors, the Sarawak state health department, and the Sibu Hospital management after construction began last August 11.

“Sibu Hospital management will begin FHyICU operations in the nearest time after all checks and certification for the FHyICU project are completed,” Sibu Hospital director Dr Nanthakumar Thirunavukkarasu said in a statement.

“FHyICU is hoped to increase the capacity of health institution infrastructure at Sibu Hospital, thus providing the best health care services to everyone.”

Dr Nanthakumar said last week that Sibu Hospital has increased bed capacity for Covid-19 patients up to 57 beds in the ICU, including 29 repurposed beds. 

CodeBlue previously published two anonymous letters from health care workers in Sibu Hospital that complained about a surge of sick coronavirus cases overwhelming the public facility, amid a lack of human resources and overworked staff.

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