ReGen Rehab Hospital Champions Post-Covid-19 Rehab For Underserved Individuals And Communities

In support of Covid-19 recovery efforts, ReGen Rehab’s #WeRecoverTogether is committed to optimum function and quality of life.

KUALA LUMPUR, June 21 — ReGen Rehab Hospital, Malaysia’s first private rehabilitation hospital licensed by the Ministry of Health, is providing rehabilitation for underserved individuals and communities in their post-Covid-19 recovery journey as part of its corporate social responsibility initiative.

Aptly named #WeRecoverTogether, ReGen Rehab aspires to inspire hope among patients and persons alike who have survived Covid-19, by bringing them back to optimum function and quality of life.

“At ReGen Rehab, we are committed to advancing health equity and providing access to quality rehabilitation care for underserved individuals and communities in Malaysia,” said Hanafi Salehuddin, acting CEO of ReGen Rehab Hospital. “With our #WeRecoverTogether post-Covid rehab corporate responsibility initiative, we want to engage the communities we serve and provide rehabilitation treatment for post-Covid individuals to receive a progressive continuum of care to meet their physical, functional and cognitive needs.”

“This is the core of our “Bringing You Back” philosophy — to help patients and persons get back to what matters most, and having the best chance at a high quality of life.”

“Rehabilitation care is a vital element toward full recovery for patients who experience any type of injury, surgery or illness, including Covid-19, across the post-acute and long-term phase,” added Hanafi. “Whether they are post-acute patients requiring intensive treatment and close monitoring in a specialised environment, or persons back in their day-to-day activities but still experiencing long-term effects from Covid-19, we want to partner them on their recovery journey to restore health and rebuild lives.” 

ReGen Rehab Hospital is kicking off its post-Covid rehab corporate responsibility initiative with a search for post-Covid patients from underserved communities to receive free outpatient rehabilitation treatment. They will benefit from access to ReGen Rehab’s sub-specialised and multi-disciplinary team, as well as dedicated facilities.

The search is currently ongoing until June 30, and based on assessment of the individual’s condition and treatment requirements, eligible participants will begin their rehabilitation recovery journey starting from July onwards, up to a period of three months.

“Our desire is to play our part in Malaysia’s recovery from Covid-19 by reaching out to those who need it most to achieve functional recovery and bring them back to their best selves. There is a silver lining for patients and persons coming out of Covid-19 to be rehabilitated, to regain and retain their function and confidence to manage again after a period of illness. We are presenting this call to participate because we are committed to enabling Malaysia’s health economy as #WeRecoverTogether,” explained Hanafi. 

Although most people withCovid-19 get better within weeks of illness, some people experience post-Covid syndrome, which presents a range of long-term symptoms (typically generalised as fatigue, pain, and fever) that lasts up to 12 weeks or more after infection.

Also known as long Covid, it can happen to anyone who has been infected, whether they required hospitalisation or not, even if the illness was mild, or they had no symptoms. 

“From a medical viewpoint, long Covid can be presented based on multi-organ effects of Covid-19, of which many affected areas necessitate rehabilitation care as a key strategy to prevent complications and promote recovery and improve functions of post-Covid patients,” said Dr Lydia Abdul Latif, Chief Medical Officer and consultant rehabilitation physician at ReGen Rehab Hospital.”

“Post-Covid conditions can affect vital body systems such as the heart, lung, muscle, and brain functions, giving rise to experiences of breathlessness, chest tightness, joint pain, loss of concentration and even depression, all of which are clinically treated under rehabilitation.”

Due to the varying severities of post-acute and long-term effects on post-Covid individuals, rehabilitation treatment needs to be individually personalised.

As a specialist rehabilitation care provider, ReGen Rehab Hospital bridges acute and community rehabilitation needs with in-patient rehabilitation capacity, as well as a seamless transition to outpatient and day rehabilitation care.

Through a range of structured therapy programmes designed towards restoring functions, rehabilitation aims to maximise functional health and restore quality of life.

For more information about ReGen Rehab Hospital’s post-Covid rehab corporate responsibility initiative, get in touch via phone (03-7626 1388), WhatsApp (019-917 1388), or email [email protected]

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