Covid-19 ‘Killing Faster And Younger’ In Canada With New Variants

The Ontario province in Canada reports almost 50% of Covid-19 patients in intensive care are below 60 years old.

KUALA LUMPUR, April 5 — Canada is experiencing a surge in Covid-19 infections that has led much younger adults in the country to fall severely ill. 

According to Business Insider, the infections, which were also caused by new variants of the coronavirus, mainly hit some provinces of Canada, like Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.

Specifically, Ontario has reported an inflow of sick younger adults in intensive care units — comprising almost 50 per cent patients below 60 years old.

All of the three provinces have now implemented new restrictions to curb coronavirus transmission in the community.

Gyms, indoor dining, and personal care service in Ontario will be closed for one month.

“It’s getting pretty alarming here. It’s spreading quickly, and it’s much faster than the last two waves,” Dr. Kashif Pirzada, an emergency physician in Toronto, was quoted as saying to CNN

“The people filling the ICU right now are all in their 30s, 40s, and 50s.” 

Canada recently announced that a whopping 64 per cent spike in new Covid-19 cases involved new coronavirus variants. Of that, 90 per cent of the infections involved the  B.1.1.7 Covid-19 variant that was identified in the United Kingdom last September.

“As the new variants spread, you will see that Covid-19 is killing faster and younger,” Adalsteinn Brown, a senior science advisor to the Ontario government, was quoted as saying in a press conference this week. 

“It’s spreading far more quickly than it was before and we cannot vaccinate quickly enough to break this third wave.”

Another province, Quebec, has implemented a lockdown in three different cities, including closure of schools, non-essential businesses as well as imposing a stricter curfew.

British Columbia has shut down indoor dining, worship services, and indoor fitness activities for three weeks.

It is to be noted that the vaccine roll-out in Canada is incredibly slow because of delays in importing the vaccines. 

Only 1.75 per cent of the population was fully vaccinated as of April 1. A total of 11.86 per cent  of Canadians have received at least the first dose.

So far, Canada has reported more than one million Covid-19 cases, with 23,082 deaths.

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