Malaysia’s Covid-19 Jabs Decline, Averaging Nearly 16,000 Shots Daily

On March 9, Malaysia’s daily doses administered was at the peak with 29,560 doses administered, but following that, it declined by 12% to 25,986 doses on March 11.

KUALA LUMPUR, March 12 — Malaysia’s daily Covid-19 doses administered have declined over the past two days from 29,560 doses on March 9 to 25,986 doses on March 11. 

This is a drop of 12 per cent from March 9. The daily doses administered since the launch of the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme on March 2 has been fluctuating between 12,112 and 29,560 doses. 

Vaccine Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said that the government has not set a target of daily doses administered, but plans to complete vaccinating all 500,000 frontliners at least with the first dose of the coronavirus shot before March 31. 

On an average, over the past one week between March 5 and March 11, the number of daily doses administered (first dose) was 21,560 doses. 

With 249,909 doses administered and 250,091 doses left to achieve Phase One’s target, if the average daily dose is maintained at 21,560 doses next week, it will take the government 12 days to complete Phase One, slightly earlier than the government’s target. 

Since February 24, Malaysias has managed to administer 249,909 doses as of March 11, an average of 15,619 daily doses over the past 16 days. 

Meanwhile, South Korea, which started their Covid-19 vaccine rollout on February 26, has managed to administer 500,635 doses within 14 days as of March 10, an average of 35,760 daily doses, more than double Malaysia’s daily average.

On the other hand, Singapore as of March 8 has administered 611,314 shots, 71 days into their Covid-19 vaccine rollout, an average of 8,610 daily doses administered. This is lower compared to Malaysia’s average daily doses of 15,619. 

Similarly, Australia, which started their Covid-19 vaccine rollout on February 21, has administered 106,200 doses until March 10, an average of 5,900 daily doses, lower than Malaysia.

However, it is important to note that although Australia’s vaccine rollout is slower than Malaysia, Australia’s daily Covid-19 cases since the vaccine rollout have numbered fewer than 10, compared to 1,000 to 3,000 daily cases in Malaysia during the same period. 

As for vaccine doses administered per 100 people, based on OurWorldInData, Singapore has administered 10.45 doses per 100 people, followed by South Korea (0.75), Malaysia (0.51), and Australia (0.34) as of March 8. 

As of March 10, between South Korea, Malaysia, and Australia, South Korea has managed to administer the highest number of doses per 100 population (0.98), followed by Malaysia (0.69), and Australia (0.42). 

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