SELangkah Launches Brand New Features

The app now has additional features that allow users to scan both SELangkah and MySejahtera QR codes, GPS check-ins to premises, QR code scan history log, as well as new commercial features.

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 9 — The Selangor state government’s contact tracing application, SELangkah, today launched enhanced health and commercial features. 

In terms of health-related features, the app currently gives information such as crowd trends, affected premises map, exposure risk, and a visitor log for local law enforcement to check if any premises has flouted the standard operating procedures (SOPs). 

Now, with new features, users can use the dual-system scanning function which allows users to scan both the SELangkah and MySejahtera QR codes through the SELangkah app which previously was not possible. 

“During my recent discussion with the Health Minister, we have agreed to collaborate in terms of data sharing which will help to detect and prevent Covid-19 spread in Selangor. SELangkah will now retire all its QR Code posters and will share its data with the MySJ (MySejahtera) team,”  Selangor Mentri Besar Amiruddin Shari tweeted today. 

Besides using the QR code, users can check-in to a premise using the GPS function. Users can also view their history of past check-ins through their QR code scan history log. 

Users will also have access to the latest updates on Covid-19 by the government and sign up for upcoming events. Those who have undergone screening for Covid-19 can also check their results through the app.  

Soon, there will be a new feature ‘R.S.V.P’ -Register and Sign up for your Vaccine Pack, whereby users can use their SELANGKAH ID account to register for Covid-19 vaccination. 

Previously, Amirudin announced that the government intends to purchase five million doses of Covid-19 vaccines for their residents. 

“This module will be integrated with the manufacturer’s inventory system in order to ensure authenticity and provide a digital certificate for domestic and international travel,” the SELangkah team said.

Commercial Features Added To Help Small And Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

As the Covid-19 pandemic has affected many small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) as well micro businesses, the SELangkah app has also been integrated with two new features —SELANGKAH ID and SELANGKAH BIZ and soon SELANGKAH WALLET and SELANGKAH PAY. 

“These modules have the ability to assist users in adopting digital modernization as they move towards the new norm.”

SELANGKAH ID is a system that will allow users to have access to all of SELangkah features, while also allowing any transactions that require digital and biometric authorisation. 

Meanwhile, the SELANGKAH BIZ feature acts as a cashless solution for SME merchants to enable them to accept payments from any e-wallet providers. 

“For example, a hawker with only a bank account but no e-wallet service can now get paid with money coming from a customer’s e-wallet. This platform also allows the hawker to manage their day-to-day sale transactions as well as generate electronic invoices.”

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