Chinese New Year With SOPs Please! — Dr Arvinder-Singh HS

How are we going to celebrate Chinese New Year this year? Well, it is definitely going to be different.

First and foremost, let me say this – Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai and may the year of the Metal Ox be a Prosperous and better one for all!

Now to the more important business, how are we going to celebrate Chinese New Year this year? Well, it is definitely going to be different and we must accept that! This is for both those who celebrate and those who are looking forward to the long weekend. 

Firstly, with the MCO still in place, we must understand that movement between districts and states will be tough, but please remember it is all for a good reason. Remember that as younger people, we are at risk of contracting Covid-19 as asymptomatic carriers.

Visiting our elderly family members during this festive season will only harbour the virus to their homes and all it takes is a moment of letting our guard down (taking off your mask, not washing your hands and not practising physical distancing), the virus will strike.

Unfortunately, this virus pounces on the elderly and hits them hard. We must not allow that. So remember, this year – staying away means you care for your elderly relatives by not wanting to infect them. Avoid movement, especially between districts and states, and it is a big no-no if you are having any flu symptoms. 

For those living in the same house or within a few doors away, please remember that when you visit, you must wear a mask and it must be also kept on in the house. Yes, you read that right. Remember that keeping a mask on with physical distancing and hand hygiene keeps the virus away. Also be reminded that having a more than 15-minute conversation (or even very short close conversations), being in a confined and congested space can spell trouble. 

For those at home, please be vigilant at all times. Chinese New Year is a great time where families sit and eat together. Remember that we need to be vigilant. Using the same utensils that we use to eat to scoop food must be avoided at all costs. Do ensure that utensils are made available for each dish so that hygiene can be practised.

Also, please apply the same principle for those delicious cookies. Remember using these utensils must avoid contact with your plate and/or your eating utensils. And please do not share food from the same plate.

I know your little nephew or niece would like a sip of that tasty beverage, but remember, your kindness in sharing the same drink is actually an opportunity to share the deadly virus with others. 

For all homes, please do have ample hand washing liquids ready. Advise all who visit to wash their hands thoroughly and keep their masks on. It would also be good to have a few extra boxes of face masks that you might want to keep in case someone needs a change of masks and doesn’t have an extra one. If possible, create a QR scan for your homes so that if an unforeseen situation happens, contact tracing becomes easier (SELangkah offers that feature for free if needed – go to 

This Chinese New Year, take example from the Metal Ox, be strong and reliable, especially in the combat against Covid-19.

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holidays – Stay at Home and Be Safe (even at home). Opt for stringent SOPs – remember those enforced are the minimum standards. Let’s step it up a notch for this upcoming holidays so that we do not see another wave, which will cause our healthcare system to reach the breaking point.

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