Sarawak Reports 153 Covid Cases, CMCO On Kuching, Sibu, Miri

Seven districts in Sarawak recorded new Covid-19 cases today: Miri (94 cases), Sibu (25 cases), Dalat (17 cases), Kuching (13 cases), Sri Aman (two cases), Selangau (one case) and Beluru (one case).

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 11 — Sarawak today reported a whopping 153 new Covid-19 cases, as state authorities placed Kuching, Sibu, and Miri under a two-week Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) from January 13 to 26.

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin earlier today declared a Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) on Sarawak in the same period.

Sarawak’s State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) previously detected 37 Covid-19 cases on January 9 in Sibu — all of the cases were identified from the Pasai cluster which involved eight longhouses in Pasai Siong, Sibu.

The emergence of this cluster caused a leap in today’s daily reported coronavirus cases in Sarawak.

The Pasai cluster today registered 40 new Covid-19 cases, bringing the total cases in that cluster to 83. So far, out of the 879 screenings from that cluster, 796 people are still waiting for the test results, while 183 have tested negative.

The index case of this cluster involved a woman who returned from her father’s funeral in Johor on December 29.

Seven districts in Sarawak recorded new Covid-19 cases today: Miri (94 cases), Sibu (25 cases), Dalat (17 cases), Kuching (13 cases), Sri Aman (two cases), Selangau (one case) and Beluru (one case).

Two districts in Sarawak — Dalat and Beluru — entered the yellow zone today after reporting zero new Covid-19 cases for the past fortnight. All of the 17 new Covid-19 cases in Dalat were detected from the Pasai cluster.

Miri district turned into a red zone, recording a total of 97 Covid-19 cases in the past 14 days. Of that, 94 cases were recorded in the past 24 hours.

Kuching and Sibu districts remained as red zones with a total of 112 new Covid-19 cases detected in the past two weeks.

Selangau, Sebauh, Samarahan, Sri Aman, Bukit Mabong, Meradong and Bintulu states turned into yellow zones with a total of 12 cases in the past 14 days.

The rest of the 28 districts in Sarawak remained in the green, with zero Covid-19 cases for the past two weeks.

Sarawak today identified one new Covid-19 cluster, bringing the total active clusters in the state to six.

The daily increase in Covid-19 cases in Kuching, Sibu and Miri, coupled with a total of 209 new coronavirus infections in the state in the past two weeks, have pushed the state to impose a state-level CMCO on those three districts that will begin from January 13 until January 26.

Those who enter Sarawak will need to undergo 14-day mandatory quarantine at designated quarantine centres.

National Covid-19 Highlights

Malaysia registered 2,232 new Covid-19 cases today, bringing the total infections in the country to 138,224, according to the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Selangor today registered the highest number of Covid-19 cases (507 cases), followed by Johor (396 cases), Sabah (374 cases), and Kuala Lumpur (204 cases).

Besides Sarawak, these other states also registered new coronavirus infections today; Penang (112 cases), Negeri Sembilan (102 cases), Kelantan (95 cases), Perak (51 cases), Pahang (46 cases), Terengganu (41 cases), Kedah (40 cases), Melaka (37 cases), Putrajaya (13 cases), Labuan (eight cases), and Perlis (three cases).

A total of 28,554 Covid-19 patients are still receiving treatment in MOH’s health care facilities, including 187 sick patients in the intensive care unit with 87 under ventilator support.

Today, the country reported four new Covid-19 deaths, including three in Selangor and one in Sabah.

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