iEMBRACE launched for breast cancer patients

iEMBRACE is a patient assistance programme led by Pfizer and Zuellig Pharma CareConnect to support patients’ treatment continuity.

KUALA LUMPUR, 7 January 2021 – Pfizer Malaysia, Tokio Marine Life Insurance Malaysia Bhd. (“Tokio Marine Life”) and MiCare Group jointly launched iEMBRACE today, a patient assistance programme to support HR+/HER2- mBC patients. Through this programme led by Pfizer and Zuellig Pharma CareConnect, mBC patients can better manage their finances and gain access to innovative medicines.

Metastatic breast cancer is the most advanced stage of breast cancer in which the cancer can spread beyond the breast to other organs in the body. It is the second leading cause of cancer related death among women today. In Malaysia, affordability remains one of the main barriers faced by patients when it comes to mBC treatments. A survey conducted by the Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia in September 2019 revealed that 80% of respondents believed affordability is the main barrier preventing patients from seeking effective medical treatment.

Through the collaboration and its common goal of increasing access to innovative medicines and healthcare services at an affordable cost, mBC patients are able to live fulfilling and productive lives despite their ailment.

“Beyond developing innovative treatments, Pfizer is committed to supporting mBC patients throughout their treatment journey, including financial needs. We understand and appreciate patients’ concerns about the cost of their prescription medicines – the financial burden of mBC is real and hard to ignore. Our aim is to put effective treatments in the hands of those who need it,” said Luksanawan Thangpaibool, Country Manager, Pfizer Malaysia and Brunei.

Based on the BCWA survey, 70 per cent of respondents cited poor awareness of treatment options as one of the major barriers that prevents mBC patients from seeking effective medical treatment, second to affordability. In light of this, the partnership seeks to leverage each other’s strengths, matching Pfizer’s capabilities in developing innovative medicines and ability to reach out to a wider group of patients through patient programmes with Tokio Marine Life’s policyholders as well as MiCare Group’s network in Malaysia.

Toi See Jong, Chief Executive Officer of Tokio Marine Life Insurance Malaysia Bhd. said, “We are pleased to be part of this tripartite partnership, with a programme that was specially designed to extend value to our policyholders. With iEMBRACE, we are able to go the extra mile to provide an affordable solution to innovative medicine and treatment.

Moses Hee, SVP CareConnect and CEO of MiCare Group said, “We are excited to partner with Pfizer and Tokio Marine Life to help make healthcare more accessible and affordable to patients in Malaysia. This unique collaboration leverages both our Payor and PatientCare capabilities so that breast cancer patients can easily afford and access treatment options. We hope to expand this offering to other treatment areas as well to ensure all patients in the communities we serve get the healthcare they need.”

For more information about iEMBRACE, please consult your oncologist or healthcare providers.

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