Sabah Blood Bank Left With Two Weeks’ Supply

The Sabah state health department will ensure that blood donors coming to hospital are not exposed to Covid-19.

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 4 — Blood banks in Sabah are in dire need of supply as the current stock can only last for the next two weeks, state minister Masidi Manjun said.

“As of now, the blood supply in the state of Sabah is 1,350 units only. The daily usage for the whole state is around 220 units. The number of daily donated blood for now is around 150 units,” Masidi told a virtual press conference reporting on Sabah’s daily Covid-19 cases today.

“If this situation persists, the stock of blood supply will be at an alarming level in two weeks.”

The Sabah state local government and housing minister, who is also Sabah’s Covid-19 spokesperson, stressed that a continuous supply is needed to ensure the continuation of health care services, especially for accident cases, those who suffer from thalassaemia, and pregnant women.

“I appeal to all blood donors to come forward and donate blood at the nearest hospital,” Masidi said.

He acknowledged that during this time, with the increasing number of Covid-19 cases in Sabah, people would not want to step into a hospital to donate blood.

However, he said the state health department will find a way in ensuring those who come forward to donate blood are placed in a condition where they will not be exposed to the coronavirus.

Masidi also mentioned that frontliners in Sabah are offered counselling services to help those who may feel burnt out.

Today, Sabah alone reported 646 positive Covid-19 cases, which amounted to 63 per cent of the nation’s total 1,032 Covid-19 cases. The highest number of cases in Sabah were reported in Sandakan with 226 cases.

According to Masidi, most of the cases reported in Sandakan were close contacts of positive Covid-19 cases. He suggested that close contacts during gatherings could foster the spread of the coronavirus.

“So when will that happen? Take for instance in a gathering among others. If you look at some incidents that have happened, some came from a wedding, remember the Akad Nikah Cluster at the Taman Sri Gaya as well as in Kudat? These are the sort of situations that will always facilitate infections,” Masidi stressed.

Seven of eight Covid-19 deaths reported in Malaysia today were from Sabah. Currently, there are 3,012 active Covid-19 cases in the statem, comprising 671 patients in hospitals and 2,341 in low-risk quarantine and treatment centres (PKRC), with bed usage rate as a whole of 36.26 per cent.

A total of 26 beds have been added in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kota Kinabalu, and 40 beds at a new PKRC in Papar.

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