Walk 5,000 Steps For Free Cancer Coverage With Prudential

Prudential Malaysia introduces a Step Up Against Cancer Challenge on its Pulse app.

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 2 — Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB) has introduced an innovative fitness challenge on its app, Pulse, tied to free cancer coverage of up to RM12,500 and special Covid-19 coverage.

PAMB cited the Malaysian Health Survey 2020, which it conducted earlier this year with iMoney, that found one in four Malaysians would rely on their friends and family to help cover their medical costs in health emergencies.

Registered users of Prudential’s health app, Pulse, (open to the first 100,000 non-Prudential customers who are Malaysian citizens aged 19 to 50 on their next birthday) are challenged to take at least 5,000 steps a day and invite friends and family members to join, as new Pulse users, to earn up to RM12,500 of free cancer coverage for one year, within the first 100 days from signing up for the challenge.

All they need to do is to enroll for the Step Up Against Cancer (SUAC) Challenge and make sure their fitness tracker is connected to Pulse so that their steps are synced with the app. The challenge is open to Pulse users who are not yet a Prudential customer.

Users who have signed up for the SUAC Challenge are also automatically eligible for Prudential’s Special Covid-19 Coverage. The coverage provides a RM1,000 cash relief upon diagnosis and hospitalisation, as well as a RM10,000 death benefit due to Covid-19.

For its existing customers, PAMB has introduced a campaign where policyholders will receive a premium cashback of up to three months, with terms and conditions, when they sign up for PRUCancer X, a cancer protection plan that provides coverage of up to RM2 million.

“The Step Up Against Cancer Challenge is a great way to start their protection planning as it combines the fitness element of walking with the reward of free cancer coverage,” PAMB chief customer and marketing officer Eric Wong said in a statement.

“While the challenge is targeted at non-Prudential customers, we have in tandem launched a campaign where Prudential customers will enjoy a premium cashback when they sign up for our flagship cancer solution, PRUCancer X. Pulse users who have signed up for Step Up Against Cancer Challenge are also eligible to participate in this campaign to enhance their coverage with PRUCancer X,” he added.

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