New Kedah Cluster Infects Cops, Tawar Cluster Spreads To Penang

Out of 13 locally transmitted cases, 12 were reported in Kedah and one in Penang.

KUALA LUMPUR, August 14 — Health authorities reported a new Covid-19 cluster in Kedah today, besides 11 new cases from the state’s Tawar cluster that has spread to Penang.

According to the Ministry of Health (MOH), the new cluster in Kedah reported today, the Muda cluster, was first detected in Kuala Muda, Kedah; the index case (Patient 9,114) is a Malaysian police officer.

The second case from the Muda cluster reported today was a colleague of the index case, also a Malaysian who was screened following active case detection and close contact screening.

As of today, 124 close contacts in the Muda cluster have been screened, where two have tested positive, five have tested negative, while 117 individuals are still waiting for their results.

MOH reported 20 new Covid-19 cases today, out of which 13 were locally transmitted (all Malaysians), bringing the cumulative number of cases to 9,149.

Health authorities reported 11 new cases from the Tawar cluster in Baling, Kedah, comprising 10 cases in the northern state and one in Penang (Patient 9,149). Patient 9,149 from Penang had a history of visiting Patient 9,113 and Patient 9,129 at a private medical centre in Penang.

Patient 9,129 reported yesterday had been referred to Penang Hospital from a private medical facility, but the case was registered as a Kedah one.

Out of the 11 new cases in the Tawar cluster, five are hospital staff and one is a patient who was admitted with the first case detected (index case — Patient 9,113, a 53-year-old man), but not at an MOH facility.

The Tawar cluster has reported 21 positive Covid-19 cases so far, comprising 20 in Kedah and one in Penang.

From this cluster, 156 individuals have been screened in Kedah with 20 positive cases, 77 negative, while 59 individuals are still waiting for their test results, whereas in Penang, out of 105 individuals that have been screened, one tested positive, 75 tested negative, while 29 individuals are waiting for their results.

Another locally transmitted case was also reported in Kedah today, involving a severe acute respiratory infection (SARI) patient.

MOH also reported seven new imported cases, involving six Malaysians and one foreigner returning from Lebanon (three cases in Kuala Lumpur), Indonesia (one case in Selangor), France (one case in Selangor), Yemen (one case in Sarawak), and Taiwan (one case in Kuala Lumpur).

There are currently 196 active cases, including four cases in the intensive care unit (ICU) and one patient on ventilator support.

Seven cases were discharged from hospital today, bringing the total number of recovered patients to 8,828. The death toll remains at 125 as no new casualties were recorded today.

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