Sarawak Breaks Eight-Day Streak Of Zero New Covid-19 Cases

Simunjan lost its green zone status today as one new Covid-19 case was reported.

KUCHING, June 5 — The Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) today reported one new Covid-19 case in Simunjan, which brings the state’s eight-day streak of zero new Covid-19 cases to an end.

Simunjan’s one new reported Covid-19 case has changed the Simunjan district from green zone, or zero cases, to yellow zone. As of today, a total of six districts have been marked as yellow zones, while 34 are marked as green zones.

The six yellow zones in the state are Simunjan, Samarahan, Tanjung Manis, Bintulu, Serian, and Kuching.

The one new Covid-19 case reported today brought Sarawak’s total number of Covid-19 cases to 553. The total number of discharged cases in the state remains at 523 as no new discharged cases were reported today; recovery rate was reported at 94.58 per cent today.

SDMC today also announced that seven individuals have been arrested for attempting to travel across districts.

To date, a total of 6,887 applications for inter-district movement were received by 28 district police headquarters throughout Sarawak, bringing the total number of applications to 115,880, in which 106,542 were approved, and 9,338 were rejected.

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