Sarikei MP Discharged After 42-Day Coma From Covid-19

Wong Ling Biu was hospitalised for almost three months.

KUALA LUMPUR, June 3 — Sarikei MP Wong Ling Biu was discharged from Sibu Hospital on May 30 upon emerging from a 42-day long coma after he contracted Covid-19.

The Star reported that Wong, 61, tested positive for Covid-19 on March 15 and subsequently went into a coma for up to 42 days, according to Sarawak DAP deputy chairman David Wong.

Wong was initially admitted to the hospital on March 7 as a person-under-investigation for Covid-19. The Sarikei MP from the DAP had also been intubated.

David thanked all the doctors, nurses, and health care providers at the hospital who helped with Wong’s recovery.

“He is now resting in his home, which is a better environment for him. As to when he would be back at work, we are not thinking of that at this moment,” David was quoted saying.

Wong’s son, Jackie, who is a national hammer thrower, had contracted the virus from his father and was discharged on May 27.

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